Self Leveling

Starting from 2mm to 4mm thickness according to the environment of the application area. Suitable for medium industrial traffic and where clean environment is needed. Self leveling applications are subject to heavy traffic and light chemical attack. Large variety of colors is available.


Typical Characteristics


often known as self-levelling or self-smoothing flooring: may be given a surface dressing

Typical thickness

1mm – 4mm

Intended use

medium to heavy duty

Anticipated life**

Medium duty / Heavy duty: 3 to 6 years

Application method

trowel, pin rake, notched squeegee spike roller to finish


good resistance to impact damage


very good resistance


uniform single colour or decorative effects

U-V resistance

grades available offering increased UV resistance


very smooth gloss or matt finish

Cleaning methods

gloss finish: wash & vacuum dry matt finish: scrubber/dryer

Hygiene / cleanability

gloss finish: excellent matt finish: good

Suitability for food processing areas

food grades available

Slip resistance in wet Conditions

high slip potential on smooth surfaces: may be reduced with an aggre- gate scatter

 ** Actual life will depend on product thickness, quality of the substrate and service conditions