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Quality Control Procedures

Base Substrate Requirements

  1. Substrate moisture content < 5%

  2. Compressive Strength min. 25 N/mm2

  3. Pull off strength > 1.5 N/mm2

  4. No broken or honeycombed concrete.

Moisture test:
Make a moisture test on prepared substrate by
moisture meter and ensure the moisture content ratio
is below 5%.
Pull-out test:
Concrete substrates generally have a laitance layer with low
strength. Minimum rate= > 1.5 N/mm2, > 210 psi

Surface preparation:
Ensure the substrate is dry, free of oil, loose and friable
materials, cement laitance.
All contamination must be removed anda sound,
clean substrate is exposed.
Make mechanical preparation for the surface
by diamond grinding to make floor rougher
and opens-up the pores of concrete to allow epoxy
to sink into the floor

Surface Preparation
Surface preparation is an important & essential step to ensure the bonding between resin
flooring layer & the substrate. Each resin flooring system has to prepare the surface by a
special diamond grinding machine to make floor rougher and opens-up the pores of concrete to allow resin to sink into the floor.
After diamond grinding the surface will be transformed as shown in the following figures:

 Epoxy Coating Surface preparation machine:
A machine is used to scarify the floor to make it suitable to
receive resin coating. The maximum speed of this machine
is 1200 rpm. This machine is including a dust collector

Self-leveling Surface preparation machine:
A single-head machine (dust free) is perfect for those
applications that require heavy duty surface preparations of
small to medium floors such as surface leveling, preparation
before coating and industrial flooring applications. The
working speed is 1500 rpm.
Resin Mortar Surface Preparation Machine:
A scarifier (dust free) is powered by an electric motor and is
ideal for medium and large sized applications.
The working speed is 1500 rpm