High-build flooring coating


Typical Characteristics


Applied in 2 or more coats. Solvent-free

Typical thickness

Typical thickness 300 to 750 µm total thickness

Intended use

Intended use medium duty


Anticipated life**

Normal duty: 1 to 3 years

Medium duty: not recommended High duty: not recommended

Application method

roller, squeegee or spray


some improvement to substrate limited resistance to impact damage


good resistance to occasional spillage of some chemicals in the absence of mechanical damage


uniform single colour or clear

U-V resistance

grades available offering increased UV resistance


gloss silk or matt finish

follows undulations but reduces profile

Cleaning methods

mechanical scrubber/dryers satisfactory but not with regular use of abrasive pads

Hygiene / cleanability

good, smooth sealed surface, readily cleaned

Suitability for food processing areas

food grades available

Slip resistance in wet Conditions

high slip potential on smooth surfaces: may be reduced with an aggre- gate scatter