Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Cement-based terrazzo is one of the oldest types of decorative flooring systems, unlimited matrix colors, color control, resiliency, chemical resistance and tensile-compressive strengths, Excellent for multi-colored patterns and designs.

Introduction to Epoxy Terrazzo flooring:

Epoxy terrazzo floors provide a durable seamless decorative floor surface with the cleanability, hy giene and chemical resistance benefits of conventional synthetic resin flooring systems.

Terrazzo floors are often specified where aesthetic considerations are paramount, and consequently a very high standard of application and skill are essential in order to meet the specification of the

finished floor.


: Hospitals                       : Airport terminals

: Industrial floorings subject to moderate or heavy loading

: Stairs                         : Restaurants & Cafes

: Hotel receptions        : Shopping centres


Epoxy terrazzo floors are composed of a mixture of aggregates, bound with pigmented epoxy resin, which after setting is ground and polished to expose the aggregate and provide a smooth, decora-

tive and hard-wearing finish.

The epoxy terrazzo generally incorporates colouring pigments, to provide the background colour.

Aggregates such as crushed marble, natural or synthetic stone, plastic chips or crushed glass can be  used. Aggregates should be clean and sized between 3 mm and 8 mm and may be used individual-

ly or mixed.

NOTE: Apart from the visual effect that is required, the type of aggregate to be used should be se lected with regard to the intended performance of the flooring. For example marble aggregates are unsuitable where resistance to acid spillage is required and some glasses are adversely affected by

spillage of strong alkalis.