Cement Waterproofing

What is cementitious waterproofing? It is the most popular roofing material, which has 1-in-1 quality – it is the coating and the waterproofing. An important decision while building a house is the choice of the roofing material. If you want to lay it with your own hands, it is important to choose the material for the roof with the following characteristics:

  • durability;

  • eco-friendliness;

  • frost-resistance;

  • simple installation.

Advantages of cementitious waterproofing system:

  • protection from solar radiation;

  • high resistance to mechanical stress (pressure of the snow cover);

  • high resistance to temperature extremes;

  • high water resistance – it is the excellent protection from rain;

  • fire protection;

  • lightweight;

  • durability (up to 50 years);

  • absorption of noise in the rain;

  • no need for additional vapor barrier;

  • the ability to be painted.

All these features made the cementitious coating the most popular among other not so expensive products of this kind (the crystalline one is the cheapest